Point of Sale

User-Friendly Interface
Are you looking for a simple solution, avoiding costly upgrades and integrations? Do you plan to grow your business and need a system that will support your growth and profitability, keeping you on the cutting edge of retail technology?
Multiple Employees
Easily track who sells what and how your staff perform. Set employee permissions. Measure sales performance to find out how well your employees are doing and where they can improve.
Multiple Stores
From 1 to 100 stores, Vault will help streamline your sales and logistics processes. Keep track of your business across your entire sales estate.
Vault Point of Sale system
Integrated e-commerce website
Vault Point of Sale has a fully integrated website built in.
Click and Collect
Stock Management
Live Stock Checking
Split Payment Capability
Accept mutliple tenders in the same transactions
Vault Point of Sale system
Sale and Refund Processed Simultaneously
Save time when refunding and exchanging purchases, Keep customers flowing throuh your stores as smoothly as possible.

Beautifully Simple Software

More than just a pretty face, Vault is easy to set up and a joy to use. Say goodbye to ugly, outdated POS software forever and say hello to a beautiful point-of-sale system and sales platform, designed for the modern retailer.

Keep track of your business

Integrated inventory and KPIs for order picking and dispatching.
Daily / periodic sales reports 

Multi-Channel Sales Platform

Now 1 platform does it all. Not just a point of sale, with a responsive e-commerce website, shop-level point of sale, inventory management, multi-store, and multi-employee platform. Streamline your sales and logistics processes.

Grow Your Business

Understand and grow your business with powerful insights into sales, inventory, customers and staff performance. Accept any payment type and sell online with seamless eCommerce integration. We have built version 4.0 and tested it with a wifi laser printer, Star TSP800 receipt printer, Star cash drawer, and generic barcode scanner. The website is built to accept credit/debit cards using Stripe. Other payment gateways can be integrated upon request.

Vault is customisable to your business needs!

Vault can be customised for each individual till, and per store, with store-level POS. making click & collect a breeze.

Optional customer tracking, inventory and reports can be set up on some or all tills as required!

Feature rich Point of sale, e-commerce website with click and collect